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What is Pre-Settlement Funding?

Pre-settlement funding gives you access to your money before a case is settled so you can pay for expenses accumulating during the lengthy legal process.

If you are seeking financial compensation for physical injuries or losses related to an accident caused by someone else, pre-settlement funding could be right for you.  This type of funding is provided based on each individual legal situation and must be taken advantage of before your legal case is resolved.  You can use this money to pay for out of pocket expenses incurred from this accident.  

Cash Solutions Group is here to provide a risk free opportunity to receive your money now, instead of later.  Each payment plan is based on the strength of your individual case.  Apply now and see how much you can get NOW!

What Cases Do We Fund?

At Cash Solutions Group, we offer financial assistance for a wide variety of personal injury cases, including but not limited to:  auto accidents, workers’ comp, slip and fall, and many others.

Is Pre-Settlement Funding right for you?

Pre-Settlement Funding is an excellent resource if:

You have been injured

You have an attorney

You are struggling to pay your bills while waiting for your settlement

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